We got a sneak peak of the ASUS NX90 (and it’s designed by Bang & Olufsen). It uses SonicMaster technology to deliver the highest audio fidelity. And equipped with the new Intel® Core™ processor and a USB 3.0 connectivity.


Here’s a look of the ASUS U33 Bamboo Netbook during the Squamish Music Festival.

The iPad application, Flipboard, is a social magazine and is my top five favorite apps! I got the chance to chat with the CEO of Flipboard, Mike McCue, in San Francisco at APPNATION.

Flipboard offers a beautiful layout of all the links from your Facebook and Twitter account, plus a number of other RSS feeds. It’s free, so download it!

Leila Meets Andrew Kippen from Boxee
Boxee didn’t neglect Canada with the recent launch of the Boxee Box set-top device. It’s available now for pre-orders through Best Buy and Future Shop Canada and expect a November delivery.

Boxee has been a software download. Now, the Boxee Box (built by D-Link) will let users watch movies, TV shows and any online content onto the TV screens.

It’s priced at $200 in the US but should be about the same here in Canada.

I was at APPNATION in San Francisco and chatted with Andrew Kippen, VP of Marketing for Boxee.

Last Thursday, Samsung hosted an inter-galactic event at NYC to promote the North America launch of their new tablet, Galaxy Tab. Much dubbed as the iPad killer…ahh, we’ll see if Samsung can take that title.

In Canada, Rogers and Bell are confirmed to carry the Galaxy Tab…booyah! I was afraid that Samsung was going to neglect us! However, there was no launch date (just the generic answer ‘just in time for the holidays’) or price attached to the device. Part of the lack of information is because it is up to the carriers to decide on how it’ll fit into their product line-up.

Samsung also announced a new service called Media Hub (works like iTunes) where users can buy and rent movies and TV shows. The Korean electronics giant has partnered with MTV, NBC, Universal and Warner (and we expect more partnership in the future). Movies will include new releases and library titles and television shows will be available the day after they air. (Once again, there’s no word on pricing).

The Galaxy Tab will be available in Wi-Fi only and 3G. Recap of specs: 7-inch 1024 x 600 WSVGA TFT, 1GHz Hummingbird Application processor, supports Adobe Flash Player 10.1, rear 3 megapixel camera with flash, and front-facing 1.3 megapixel camera. The Tab supports videoconferencing but only over Wi-Fi and the folks at Samsung didn’t explain why. In Europe, the Galaxy Tab lets you make phone calls (no joke) but they may look like Zack Morris from Saved by the Bell with a big phone by your ear. However, in the US (and likely Canada) there will be no voice capabilities. That means, no phone calls. Some Android fan boys are not impressed with this limitation, especially if one has to sign a 2 year contract with one of the major carriers.

I was lucky to have a sneak peak on the Tab. It’s a beautiful device. I’m still on the fence about selling my iPad for the Tab. But, I’ll wait to see how Samung sets it pricing. Check out my video preview of the device.

If you missed the first part of Brian Wong’s interview, check it out below. Brian is the founder of Kiip and the world’s youngest to receive venture capital funding. For the second part of the interview, I asked Brian who his tech role model is and what was it like to work with Kevin Rose, founder of Digg.

I had the opportunity to meet and interview Brian Wong, founder of Kiip (and the world’s youngest entrepreneur to receive funding from a venture capitalist) while he was in Vancouver for GROW 2010. His life is divided between San Francisco and his hometown, Vancouver. Kiip is a mobile platform that bridges the gaming world to the real world and it’s expected to launch later this year. How does Brian hire his team? Most are former colleagues at Digg or classmates at the University of British Columbia. It’s no doubt, they are a group of very bright and talented minds.

Brian is an intriguing and charming guest and of course I had so many questions. So, the interview is in two parts. Here’s the first (check back here tomorrow for part two).