Now you can watch your favourite Citytv shows on your iPad with its new video app. Rogers Media has made many Canadians happy because the app is FREE. We see results too, because a day after it launched, the app held the number one spot on iTunes Canada.

This prime-time app allows you to view full-length programs (and short clips) of shows like How I Met Your MotherModern Family30 RockThe Event, etc. You can also watch CityLine or Breakfast Television Toronto live from 6-9am EST (hopefully, they’ll have live streaming for BT Vancouver and other cities soon). Plus, you can sign up for push notification to remind you when your favorite show is about to go on air.

This isn’t the first app from Rogers Media, earlier this year, they released an iPad app called ‘Shorts in the City,’ a collection of short video series with genres including drama, comedy, thriller, and animation.

Regardless, the Citytv video is an iPad app you must download and I’ll remind you again, it’s free.