In many provinces across Canada, it’s illegal to text while driving as well as talking without a hands-free device. Still more people have the tempation to sneak in a text or two while they are on the road. Now, there’s an app that will stop drivers from the most dangerous combination: texting and driving.

CAA (Canadian Automobile Association) of Manitoba announced a partnership with Zoomsafer a software company that designed the app MobileSafer. It uses the phone’s GPS to detect when a car is traveling more than 24 km/h or connecting with any in-vehicle Bluetooth system, the app will automatically go into safe mode, lock the screen and keypad and stop the ability to email or text while driving. The app gives you the option to send an auto reply telling the sender that you’re driving.

MobileSafer is priced at $25 per year or $2.99 per month. It’s cheaper than  getting a violation ticket.