If you’ve seen the B-list movie, Machete, you might be surprised to find out thatJessica Alba‘s naked shower scene wasn’t her real body. During post-production, the crafty editors used CGI (computer-generated imagery) to digitally remove the white underwear she wore for the shoot (see photo). I can only imagine that this isn’t the first CGI nude scene in a film, and that Jessica Alba’s before and after photo just happened to get leaked online.

If you look closely at the photo, you’ll notice that the editors also trimmed an inch or two off Alba’s already toned stomach and thighs. Film editors get paid lots of money to “touch up” famous actors, so they appear “too perfect” than they do in real life.

The power of digital technology also lets the average techie user the ability to make subtle touch-ups with a tool in Photoshop called Liquify. Really, is it worth the time?